Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tune: prince far i and the arabs

these tunes labelled such aren't by shabazz but for fans of the palaceer's directions they might be found a snug fit.
prince far i & the arabs ~ abderrahane (from the 1978 lp crytuff dub encounter)


  1. this is my foundation when it comes to music. ive understand that you spent some time in london, if so i hope you didnt miss out on the sound system movement over there with its aba shanti, channel one and so on. if youre looking for a similair vibe in copenhagen, go check the swedish deng deng hifi who every now and then plays at some place nearby chris. btw the arabs are just another name for the roots radics, know you now. bless

  2. hey bro thanx for this. i used to go and see aba shanti sound system in brighton where they had a monthly residency. thunder n lightning. i also used to run my own dub&illbient night in brighton it was called THE DUB ROOM, circa 2003-04. wordsound records were/are my fave. i'm searching for the dubness here so thank u for the deng deng hifi tip... i'm going to check em out soon. apparently there's a long-running night here in copenhagen called rubadub sundays but i haven't been there yet. i had no idea the arabs were the roots radics...! i like them and style scott i have their records!! u like the on-u sound record label? i'm just getting into "new age steppers" man... it's ridiculous. onelove