Friday, December 21, 2012

photography hijinx

a very good photographer chase jarvis has a monthly 'internet tv talk-show/photography thing' that broadcasts out of his blog. apparently it's watched in over 100 countries but is out of seattle. they also feature guest artists: this episode ish is in the house first answering boring questions but then getting his photo taken by a camera the size of a truck using a type of photographic technique know only to modern day alchemist ian ruhter. we actually see the entire process from start to end product (it's about an hour long) as the do a portrait using some kind of process using silver. i do not pretend to understand the arcane black magick his technique draws its powers from, but as you can see from the end result (and ruhter's other work) it's wicked. when i have time i'm going to check out some of the other episodes, which look really useful and inspirational for 'creatives'. action begins at 1hour 32 minutes.

Video streaming by Ustream

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

tendai interview

thanx to okay africa. it's interesting to hear a less damning view of mugabe than what we usually hear in the western press. if you haven't already checked out tendai's mixtape you really need to do yourself a favour and press the play button below asap. tendai aka baba maraire aka fly guy dai breaks it down track by track here. at the moment, my favourite track is WhatUlukn@ (its at 18:00) and reading his description of it i love it even more cos i remember racism in school and know its rawness first-hand. interesting too is the inclusion of african music from afar as senegal, algeria, and of course zimbabwe.

Chimurenga Renaissance "Pungwe" Mix-Tape feat. Chief Boima

also for those of you in southafrica the man himself is playing with digable planet's old dj king britt (!) on saturday:


Sunday, December 2, 2012

toyin odutola

"ishmael" by toyin odutola. 2011. pen. ink and marker. ish looks the alien he may well be: "the ship i came here on vanished."