Saturday, April 26, 2014

!!! Ex-clue-sive: the 1st single drops May 6th


it's called THEY COME IN GOLD. no word yet on whether that's the name of the album too. when i spoke with ish in february he told me that the arabic words on the above image are translations of his lyrics from one of the new LP's songs entitled "confirmation".

Live in Shanghai

I like the editing style here.

Shabazz Palaces LIVE from Daedalum Films on Vimeo.

Tune: Cee Knowledge & Cosmisc Funk Orchestra - Bandits

best shit i've heard from cee know in a while. this is smooth.

blackdiVa - if I were your queen, ish (demo)

blackdiVa serenades ish using his own lyrics - the start of a new genre?!

New Chimurenga Renaissance LP: RiZe vadZimu riZe

Available Now