Thursday, November 5, 2009

Radio Appearance: Listen Up (do it now listen up)

The short but sweet 20 minute (not one hour as I expected) SP appearance on KEXP FM was quite delicious, nutritious, and downright vicious. You can hear it here via streaming and it's been uploaded onto You Tube here. Also, I recorded it and can send anyone the mp3 if they'd like to have it. Just ask.

Although it's billed as an interview as well as set, it's amusing to note the astounded even bewildered tone of the host, Mr Mizell Jr (above). He was definitely as blown away as us listeners by this. Indeed what is one to ask Ish regarding SP?! Best to sit back and enjoy the sounds; it'll be a few years at least before we're able to start to piece together the fragments of this sonic bomb blast.

Respect to KEXP, Larry Mizell Jr, and the Raindrop Hustla.