Monday, October 26, 2009

Butterfly n Doodlebug 2009 Tour

Catch Ish and C-Knowledge on tour performing Digable classics as well as their respective solo projects this autumn/winter. If you make it please record some SP songs and upload them. S'il vous plait.

4 Nov 2009 KENT, Ohio
6 Nov 2009 Rock Island, Illinois
7 Nov 2009 Des Moines, Iowa
8 Nov 2009 St. Louis, Missouri
10 Nov 2009 Chicago, Illinois
11 Nov 2009 MADISON, Wisconsin
12 Nov 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota
13 Nov 2009 Lawrence, Kansas
2 Dec 2009 Santa Barbara, California
3 Dec 2009 West Hollywood, California
4 Dec 2009 San Diego, California
5 Dec 2009 San Francisco, California
7 Dec 2009 Santa Cruz, California
9 Dec 2009 Sebastol, California
11 Dec 2009 Seattle, Washington
12 Dec 2009 Boise, Idaho
13 Dec 2009 Portland, Oregon

For more info and to hear the new track "Freshout" visit the myspace page.

A Nickel Bag of What?

A blast from the past performed just recently. Ish comes with all new lyrics which as anyone who has been following Digable's live performances knows, has been somewhat of a tradition with this song since the beginning. Far into 'the zone' and thankfully it has been recorded and uploaded for posterity. A shame that no one has yet uploaded footage of the SP tracks which were said to have been performed at the beginning of the show. Take note!


Excellent piece on SP by Dave Segal in Seattle's The Stranger newspaper: The Rise of Afro-Eccentricism

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The first Shabazz Palaces video is the mesmerising Belhaven Meridian directed by Kahlil Joseph.

I am curious to hear what others thought of all the symbols. Apparently it is a homage to the classic film Killer of Sheep from 1977, so I will track that down before putting any thoughts down.

Radio Show

Shabazz Palaces will be on KEXP at 8pm pst tonight (Sunday 25/10/09) for a whole hour. Listen live:

My finger is poised at the record button, in case you miss it.