Sunday, January 11, 2015


For those that don't know, Ish is on Instagram now. His collaborator  Nep Sidhu also has an IG page that is very worth checking.

Beware Pigs: New Track

I wonder if there'll ever be a karaoke version of this song. Perhaps in the future families will all sing it together round the dinner table. And yes Ish is now on soundcloud so let's hope that more of his non-released music sees the light of day henceforth.

Forerunner Foray official video

It's fun and trippy on the first watch but upon repeated viewing several of the images begin to burn themselves onto your mind. I'm currently ruminating on the significance of the large egg, and how it's offered up cooked, to the great spirit. Drawn by Chad vangaalen.

Lese Majesty: best of 2015

A well-written retelling of his experience of the LP by Brent Ables for Coke Machine Glow. A lot of people weren't ready for LM and claimed it wasn't as good as Black Up. I don't understand that- it was a much more expansive, cohesive, greater album. But some publications, like Newsweek, The Guardian, Rap Reviews, and the CMJ could could handle it. Listening to Ish's new music for the first time is an experience somewhat akin to reading a Borges story for the first time... too strong for many. Repeated doses however do clear up any remaining symptoms of confusion.

New interview for your ears

This is a half-decent audio interview from a Lisobonian operation. Longer than the usual soundbite-length shit.

Ishmael Butler on Stress FM (Portugal)

Sherm Stick