Tuesday, June 18, 2013

video: an echo from the host that profess infinitum

new official video from french director Joris Grelet. yes the song came out over 2 years ago and the video is just being released. but for what other reason did shabazz come other than to smash all the rules and show us possibilities ad infinitum?

tune of the week

ish bloggin at gorilla vs bear!

this is fantabulous... a selection of his faves circa '94. nuff said.


east asia tour

wow... they just never stop touring. this one must be super exciting: singapore, china, vietnam, korea... then back home. it's cool how most western musicians only go to that part of the world to play japan, but nippon isn't even on the calendar.

they remain true the occult practise of not promoting their tours: these dates aren't on the official site, the fan-run facebook page or even songkick. i got em from a random pitchfork piece.

June 21 - Singapore @ Home Club
June 22 - Hanoi, Vietnam @ American Club
June 23 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam @ Cargo Bar
June 26 - Hong Kong, China @ Backstage Live
June 27 - Manila, China @ B-Side
June 28- Shanghai, China @ Yuyintang
June 29 - Beijing, China @ Yuyintag
July 2 - Busan, Korea @ Almost Famous
July 4 - Seoul, Korea @ Club Keu
July 13 - Seattle, WA @ Silver Jubilee
August 2 to 4 - Happy Valley, OR @ Pickathon Festival
August 9 - Olga, WA @ Doe Bay Fest

blowout comb vinyl reissue

one of earth's all-time greatest albums. new liner notes by larry mizell jr. free poster. and the album inlay card is done the proper way, i.e. reproduced on 4 sides on the inner record sleeves. my copy still hasn't arrived in the post but hopefully the product is of high quality. i'm bothered by the fact it doesn't appear to be on 180g (heavyweight) wax, and that the record isn't coloured vinyl (unless you're one of the label's subscribers in which case you get a tasty lavender-marbled wax, or if you were one of the first 150 to order in which case u got white wax). but little things like making sure the inner sleeves are printed on high quality card would be nice. when it was first released i got it on cd but a friend copped the vinyl and it was really well made, but the edition i bought a couple of years later was lacklustre, with poor quality pulpish card for the outer sleeve (which affected the colours, the black not being as vibrant as it should but rather a very dark grey, and really thin paper for the inner sleeves, which are already fraying and turning yellow. still, each edition has its own charm and i can't wait for mine to arrive. but take note for the 25th anniversary edition: we want 180g wax next time! also: the japan-only bonus track "three slims dynamite" should be included.

chase jarvis: 60 second portrait

how is a photographer going to expand the meaning of portrait in the video age? do it on video. add the extra dimension of time. i think that is his mother whom he shows us on his phone.

an ode to octavia part 12

by the black constellation (of which shabazz palaces are a major star cluster). directed by maikoyo alley-barnes.

sparkles is such a great song. so dark, sad, and nocturnal...