Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Adult Jazz - Springful (Shabazz Palaces remix) & News

When the groove kicks in halfway through, find yourself in a lush world of moist foliage and golden smiles in abundant layers with the freshest company.

I had a brief chat with Ish recently and told him how much I loved this song and how glad I was to hear him playing guitar and bass again. He said that the direction of his new stuff will indeed be more guitar/bass driven. YES!!!! Rejoice, friends. 

Audio Interview

"Rap has become an amusement park but having too fixed an idea about the way things should be turns you into somewhat of a fanatic, and drives people away." Amen. Great insight on Ish's mindstate of declining to hate.

MOTION SICKNESS (official video)

Genius video... wow. Directed by Tean.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Best Piece on Lese Majesty Yet

A fellow musician pens a glittering prose essay on Ish's latest masterpiece. Poetry. Dense and profound. Worthy of its subject.

Rafiq Bhatia (SonLux) Talks Shabazz Palaces' Lese Majesty

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Ish has finally joined one of the 'social me-diums'; it's definitely great for fans to have a direct link to the man's onlinear recommendations. so far he's posted some great songs and pics of him with stars back in the day. He announced the leap in this typically poetic piece. ANyone hae any idea what "the 167" refers to?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#CAKE video

Dir. Hiro Murai.

Dial 7 video shoot ~ behind the scenes

This is a german hip hop show from the 90s featuring a behind the scenes look at the filming process for Digable's "Dial 7 (Axioms of Creamy Spies)" video, and includes brief interview footage with Ish and co. Fast forward to 48:30

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lese Majesty Review

This review is in accordance with my sentiments. If you don't already know, NPR is streaming it as of today but u really need to pre-order this from Sub Pop and get the limited edition 7 "Palace Slide" free.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lese Majesty LP: July 29

(Lion & Serpent by James Northcote, 1799)

The new LP is called Lese Majesty and is out on Sub Pop on July 29th in the USA; a few days later in Europe.

The title (meaning the crime of violating majesty, or an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign) seems to be a reference to what is happening in hip hop right now, and what has been happening for "all those years that thuggin went mainstream", but you might also take it more generally (what is happening in popular culture, or what we are doing to the world, or not being true to yourself) or more specifically (the recent hip hop grammy award)

Nothing else is known about it other than that illustrator Chad VanGaalen is working on a video clip. Also, it was recorded at their new self-built studio in the hometown.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

!!! Ex-clue-sive: the 1st single drops May 6th


it's called THEY COME IN GOLD. no word yet on whether that's the name of the album too. when i spoke with ish in february he told me that the arabic words on the above image are translations of his lyrics from one of the new LP's songs entitled "confirmation".

Live in Shanghai

I like the editing style here.

Shabazz Palaces LIVE from Daedalum Films on Vimeo.

Tune: Cee Knowledge & Cosmisc Funk Orchestra - Bandits

best shit i've heard from cee know in a while. this is smooth.

blackdiVa - if I were your queen, ish (demo)

blackdiVa serenades ish using his own lyrics - the start of a new genre?!

New Chimurenga Renaissance LP: RiZe vadZimu riZe

Available Now

Monday, February 24, 2014

Decent interview

Interview with literature mag The Believer from summer 2013. Thanks to Stacia for scanning and sending:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shabazz Palaces rap over Flying Lotus beat

officially unreleased

1992 Digable Planets Press Kit

1992 Digable Planets Press Kit

News ~ new LP ~

Update: I heard from Ish about a week ago and as he wrote he was "in the studio working on the new shit"... I think the recording process is coming to an end so we should be looking at a release date in the next few months, probably even summer if it's delayed like the last one. This is the year though.


Tune: Animal Collective - New Town Burnout (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

The pay-off comes 5 minutes in.

EPs on red & green wax

Shabazz Palaces Debut EPs rereleased on Coloured Vinyl

Digable on Hot 97 in '94

Digable rhyming on Hot 97 in 1994 with Fu-Schnickens & O.C.

Analysis from another blog

Shabazz Palaces: Remystifying Cool