Sunday, January 1, 2012

the palaceer's best of 2011

sorry that this new blogger interface is messing up and won't let the space bar do it's thing. one of the bestest things ever is when someone gets ish to do something like this cos you're guaranteed to be introduced to myriad delights of unknown secret gardens. i like this new music blog mileau where artists do this journalist stuff cos if it's a good artist they show the journos how its done and don't take it too seriously. half of the subpop list seems to be personal stuff. the list is from subpop and also a couple of tracks from gorilla vs bear and there was a third list but i lost it, all i remember was his favourite album was the new chico mann so i've also included something from that. also the bit of writing for his number one (alien in berlin kebab shop) was one of the most hilarious things i've ever read. i need to read more stuff like that that just cracks me up... any tips for funny writers/novels/short stories? the closest i've read to that style would be tom robbins but he's a bit wooden... i'm looking for something absurd but also totally unpredictable and stupid. advice please. bye. ======= Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces 1.belaynesh 2.all american/Weekend 3.kola boof 4.toyin odutola all her work 5.lob stop sta (feat Coco o.) 6.nov 5 bean burger zippy’s 8.the view from saul’s rooftop 9.the mavs 10.the alien i saw working in a kebab shop in berlin. he looked like a slightly melting arab gary shandling. i knew something was funny watching him move something in the way it poured the tahini. then a weird incandescent light was poured out of his ears sort of like honey. a leak of sorts.he peeped me noticing it saw the confused horror explode through my expression and moved in a time folding way, like a film jumping. it looked shocked like a young boy discovered stealing quarters from his moms purse to play galaga at the corner store. i backed away into the door and almost broke through it but then it said something that sounded like “xeeulis” or something and i felt comfort like never before. we spoke for about an hour but everything it said i immediately forgot. except this, that kanye west was the greatest artist of any kind in the history of man. weekend ~ all-american (for less than a quid, including a charity donation) i'm sure you'll have as much fun as i did finding out who/what kola boof is... boom clap bachelors - Løb Stop Stå (i never knew danish could sound so nice) and from gvb: trouble ~ bussin' (now there's a gunbeat literally) jonny nelson ~ put em in a bodybag (love the fun, energy, and the karate kid reference) pissed off that this list, i think it was on pitchfork was taken down, but all i remember was this album was on it: chico mann - go to that place from analog drift lp on wax poetics records


  1. you should check out haruki yurukami regarding the reading. god bless


  2. yo thanx rnb. if u mean haruki murakami i have been meaning to get to his stuff for ages. i watched norwegian wood at the cinema and i loved it. any one novel in particular?
    with all good wishes. o