Monday, January 30, 2012

new video: "are you... can you... were you... (felt)"

directed by maikoyo alley-barnes. discuss.


  1. i like this video a lot. i know my view may differ from most, but to me the videos was about the pointless arguments in life that occur even on the best of days. and how humans may sometime let their feelings not only cloud their judgment, but interfere with seeing the beauty of life. How we need to learn to realize what is important and beautiful on a day to day basis and not let small bits of negativity affect us and just be happy, feel happy.

  2. thanks for your thoughts anon. what you say and feel is inspirational to me at the start of a golden day here on an island called zealand (meaning 'soul land') in the baltic sea.

    despite the arguments she has with the her mother and that crazy dude in the benz she keeps going towards her goal, upwards.