Sunday, April 3, 2011

SXSW 2011: reviews, photos, & footage

I've been in Denmark recently, it's been good for the soul. SXSW: All I can say is that I wish I was there. Funnily enough Gorilla vs Bear picked SP and Grimes as highlights and Grimes is my top new artist, check the music of the week entry recently to hear her track Devon. I'm going to see her live next thursday when she comes to play my hometown Brighton for the Great Escape Festival (Brighton's version of SXSW). But SXSW. I will be there one day, and hear 100 sph live. So here are some nice polaroids from GvsB by David Bartholow.

Classic shot below is by Joey Maloney for LA Times:

Finally some nice shots of SP and TheeSat by Diavid Lichterman.

Write ups flowed in abundance. Here are two from the LA Times and Pitchfork respectively. Rolling Stone said: "Ex-Digable Planet does impossibly funky, dubby avant-rap with shakers, kalimbas, ideas without boundaries. Truly a unique and wonderful mix that deserves to be one of sxsw 2010's breakout stars. Get Googling!"

Video too thanks to Trinity stardust blog:

Gunbeat Falls:

Hottabatch (Do it for my people):

new sneaks to rise jews the trap is

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