Monday, April 4, 2011

Khalil Joseph & Palaceer Lazaro work together again

"You Ever been swallowed by the light?"

Thanks to Yoshi for sending me this 'exclusive'... The Palaceer in an uncredited appearance for a new Vans viral piece. Cool, beautifully shot, and thought-provoking. Uncredited is apt since he plays a kind of mysterious godfather figure overseeing what the yoots are up to but looking down from above on the drama: watching, interrogating, pushing it. Whispered vords from the recent for-charity non-LP track Star Studded. Hoping sincerely that I'm not just imagining when I recall Ish saying that he and Joseph were working on a longer Shabazz Palaces film for the future, or that if it was a vague plan then it has come/is coming to fruition. Please. Let it be.

3 became clear after rewatching:
one - telephones are significant. phone lines, antique phones
two - trees are amazing, and green
three - definitely going to buy a pair of vans. i had already planned to get some white ones and customise them when back in london, but even if i hadn't this sold me. ads never work like that on me but this one is just the sickest

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  1. a really nice vibe to this. thanks for posting. just to avoid any misunderstanding the tune at ca 2.30-3.30 is a Flying Lotus song. all th best. /rnb