Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Song- Lost Foundling

New sounds from the palace. The white horse delivers the Lost Foundling via the Sub Pop Record Day Sampler CD (pictured above, free, very limited edition, I emailed Bekah at Sub Pop to send me one- I know she's going to come through!!) and you can listen to it here:

Shabazz Palaces - Lost Foundling

Shabazz Palaces - Lost Foundling by subpop

Remember this is not going to be on the upcoming LP so it's an exclusive to the sampler, which also comes with card for each of the artists. Thanks to Brian (see comment below) who has uploaded the card, you can see the fron tand back below:

Like all Shabazz tracks that I haven't had a few months to digest, all I can say now is that I'm disorientated in the best possible way. It seems like the whole approach sonically of SP is to break you down, to shatter the image we've all built up of what hip hop should sound like, and then drag you into its wormhole and just give you some other dimensional head nod shit to get lost in. But with time, it has the overall effect of waking you up. That's what I'd say. If you want to be awake then listen to a lot of Shabazz Palaces.

I'm glad we're getting so many followers these days. Please feel free to comment on whatever you feel, this site is supposed to be a discussion forum too. What do you think of the new jam? What do you love about this music? Did you have any personal 'magic' moments with it? I remain, Brother O.


  1. Excellent track, especially after 1:03. Thanks for this blog, nice to know so many support Ish and his work.

  2. it's a pleasure. we just do Jah work, pay respect to real music. Yes when the bassline kicks in it brings the dead to life!! rarely have i heard ish demolishing fakers as avidly as on this track. check it:

    rap castle infested by nitwits
    your styles hanging by a thread
    my style is the scissor

    damn! and if you think about the word castle it has the royal connotation like yeah rap castle should be for the kings. i was just watching an old youtiube video of rakim and eric b rocking the apollo in 86 and i can understand that sentiment. kings.

  3. there are 19 cards inside the sampler for each of 19 songs; here are the images of the SP card, plus mp3...


  4. brian you are the coolest... thanks for that! i'm going to update the main post now. how did you get one of these??!

  5. the sampler was released for Record Store Day today, free w/ purchase.