Friday, July 23, 2010

Music in the House Tonight

This week: an unreleased track that Shabazz have performed at their live shows, we could call it Show Tonight and hope for a studio version on the next releases. Artists always say live shows allow their songs to be fresh and different each time. Doing so with a non-live instrumentation set up presents its own challenges, and what is amazing about Shabazz is firstly how they put on a compelling live show whilst at the same time being just two guys behind some drums and a laptop and mpc - an arrangement that might cure insomnia attempted by the average. But secondly the digital avenue allows them to literally change each song each time they play, so listen for the new sounds and lyrics in this version, unheard in a previous performance (from their debut show in January, see 2nd video below), which again will most likely be very different next time...

Shabazz Palaces - Show Tonight (Live at Rotture, Portland, OR. July 14 2010)

Shabazz Palaces - Show Tonight (Live at Neumos, Seattle, WA. January 8 2010)

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