Sunday, July 25, 2010

BKLYN: Weeksville Photographs

Back in April I was hoping to catch my first SP live show when Digable played London. Ish remarked that Tendai hadn't been able to get his passport in time, but that he still wanted to perform some solo Shabazz on tour, but when his laptop was thieved in Brussels it was clear it wasn't meant to be.

Finding myself in the DC environs a few months later I was overjoyed to find out SP were playing an almost secret gig as part of their covert summer tour in the Weeksville Heritage Centre in Brooklyn NY. This place marks the first free African American community in the land, and every July they put on free garden parties every weekend. The plan was to head up to NY on friday for which we booked tickets on the Chinatown bus, but then my newlywed came down ill so we lost those. On saturday morning we decided to go up anyway, and booked a rental car but went to pick it up and discovered the place closed 2 minutes earlier, at noon! Once again, it was clear it wasn't meant to be. So third time lucky inshallah.

So here are some photographs of the bug day courtesy of Ed Marshall. Note all three group members are in the house.

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