Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday Music

Forgive the lack of updates... In the last two weeks I had my final exams, moved house and flew across the atlantic to get married, which will happen in a few days. Watch out for SP summer tour dates coming soon.

Oh yes, today is Palaceer Lazaro's birthday...! May he live long and continue to astound the world. What a blessing to live in the time of his music. This remix of that song on 4Hero's Mercury Music Award-winning Two Pages album is much better than the original one produced by Shawn J. Period. I never understood why, if they decided to bring in an outside producer, they didn't get Ish to do it. The result was underwhelming, but this remix brings out the full potential allowing the lyrics to shine. This is just a happy piece of music and a sweet video.

4Hero feat. Ish aka Butterfly - The Action (Visioneers remix) (The Remix Album, Raw Canvas Records, 2004)

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