Thursday, September 6, 2012

video & tune: flying lotus "until the quiet comes"

directed by the mysterious kahlil joseph, who also did two videos for shabazz palaces. i see why ish and this man get along: both have a non-linear, impressionistic or collage approach to their respective artforms. the interview above gives a fascinating point of view from ish that this is how life is actually perceived. i would add that that's how we 'should' be experiencing life but the modern world has many of us filing away all the fresh gleaming experiences and perceptions of our days into 'dusty categories' so we are no longer 'alive' to the present moment, and are living these shadow lives in our minds. i've found that reconnecting with my creativity has meant recognising this fact and using cunning (rather than willpower) to turn the situation around. anyway! here it is:

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  1. as an aspiring screenwriter I'm so fascinated and excited by this guy's videos. His vision is so perfect for a surrealistic screenplay I'm writing that takes place in Watts.
    He's so GREAT! One of my dreams is to have him make one of my stories. Wow, I hope him and the palaces continue to work.