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a lil somethin somethin. ish speaks on the historic tour that him and tendai have been on with my morning jacket.

ish on the shabazz-my morning jacket shows by trent moorman for the stranger

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Ish on the Shabazz - My Morning Jacket Shows

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Shabazz Palaces opens for My Morning Jacket tonight at Marymoor Park. A unique and charged pairing of preeminent bands. On August 19th, they did a show together at New York’s Williamsburg Park. Shabazz’s Palaceer Lazaro (Ishmael Butler) spoke moments ago about the proceedings.
 Are you a MMJ fan? How did these Shabazz and MMJ shows come about?
Ish: Yes. I know and like their music. I got into it seven or eight years ago. They seem like they know and like our music as well. We met them when we did that show in New York and they talked about listening to Black Up. I think we have a mutual sensibility and appreciation. As far as teaming with them to have us open up, I think it was their idea to give us a look and help give us exposure to some people that wouldn’t ordinarily see us. They kinda big bro’d us up, looking out for us, and wanted to hang out and chill. They’re of that size and stature where they can do what they want, and I think this was just something they wanted to do. It’s really cool of them to think of us in that way. The show we did with them in New York was awesome. They run an amazing set up. Their show is off the hook, their production, every aspect. It’s good to see that level of fun and enjoyment mixed with the professionalism. It’s inspiring. A+.

They play 18 minute songs live.
Oh yeah. They’ll get on a riff, and carry it. That’s the part I dig the most. Of course they have good song structure, but sometimes they take off on a riff, and that shit is just nasty. Dude picks up the Flying V! And starts shaking it up. It’s something to see.

What about a My Morning Palaces Collabo Album?
If they’re up for doing some collaborations, we’d definitely do it. I spoke to Jim James a little bit, and he has a rig with him on the tour. If something happens, I’m with it. I got a lot of respect for those guys. After seeing them live, it put the icing on top. They’re serious. You never know. I don’t want to say anything though, like that it's definitely happening. No tabloid shit [laughs]. Nothing's been confirmed. But if it’s possible, it would be cool.

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