Monday, April 23, 2012

small talk with ishmael butler

(photo: Afghan Hackmanite Winchite Shown phosphorescing after exposure to UV light. from watanafghanistan via some minerals website.)

this is from acclaim mag back in january when shabazz palaces were touring down under. where women glow and men plunder. man i can't get enough of the poetry. check this out:
"By night I… exe(o)rcise my desires." well it's obvious what "exercise my desires" refers to, but "exorcise my desires" seems to refer to releasing all the music and art trapped in, as if the songs were demons that needed to literally be exorcised! that's genius, and the whole interview is very fantastick. it's funny that an irreverent little interview like this can be ten times cooler and wittier and funner than the usual boring effort. also it's cool how he talks on the prophecy of his name, which is one of the reasons i called this site "ishmaelites" and is really interesting. another time for that tale...


My name is…. what it is has always been.

By day I… live out the prophecy of my name.

By night I…. exe(o)rcise my desires.

My favourite TV show is…
Family Guy in the first two years after I discovered it.

The last movie I watched was… Tactical Advantage.

The first CD I ever bought was… on sale.

The last was…. Mellonchollie and the Infinite Sadness.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… doing it anyway.

I’m addicted to…. her (awet’s) touch.

The best thing about the States is… NFL and NBA.

The worst thing about the States is… Republicans.

When I get to Australia I can’t wait to…
check into my room and shower then leave and get it poppin.

The last time I was in Australia I… wasn’t alive in this incarnation.

When I tour I like to…
tell people I’m a rich diamond merchant in country on a deal.

The last thing I ate was…
a squirrel I caught up the street from my house.

My fave youtube vid is…

My computer’s wallpaper is… peeling.

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