Friday, April 13, 2012

BIG news

thanks to a recent interview with mtv hive, we learn that sp is gonna collab with marley marl, as well as more stuff with thee satisfaction and spank rock. could this 'project' be the next lp? not only that, but some reworking of old african music in conjunc with king britt. wow. when tendai says "ish has a couple of tricks up his sleeve"... one of them must be the score to the tough bond documentary and subsequent concert in kenya, but the imagination is tantalised as to what else could be on the 'flyest horizon'. what an amazingly fertile period this is in ish's career.


Shabazz Palaces Working With King Britt, Marley Marl, Spank Rock
By: Marissa G. Muller | April 11, 2012

Shabazz Palaces have been quietly moving around since the release of their captivating debut Black Up. After guesting on fellow Seattleites THEESatisfaction’s recently-released album, awE naturlE and remixing Spank Rock’s “Car Song,” which features Santigold, Palaceer Lazaro (formerly known as Ishmel Butler) and his partner Tendai Maraire haven’t made much noise of their own while on tour to support their album. But that’s because they’re only warming up for more pairings to come.

“We have a collaboration coming up with King Britt, from Philly, who used to DJ for Digable Planets,” Maraire told Hive at their show at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall last week. “It’s been about two years in the making now. We’re taking my dad’s old records and sampling them and chopping them up and re-creating songs out of them.”

Though there’s no official release date yet, they’re working to finish it up “ASAP.”

Shabazz’s latest project will also bring THEESatisfaction back into the studio along with Spank Rock and Marley Marl. “[Ishmael’s] got a couple tricks up his sleeve too,” Maraire teased. “I don’t want to say what he’s working on.”

The eccentric pair are also spending time outside of recording with THEESatisfaction — who Butler affectionately refers to as their “little sisters” — on an ongoing cabaret-like series called Noir Night Ships. “We perform the whole show together. We do some sketch comedy, some nudity,” Butler jokes.

Nudity or not, people are feeling it all around. “The crowd participates and they’re very interactive with us,” Maraire says. “One lady came up and wanted a kiss from one of the girls [in THEESatisfaction]. It was hard to tell if she wanted just a peck.”

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