Sunday, February 12, 2012

hairs on end

damn! you know it's real hiphop when the sharpness, poise and power of the the mc makes the hairs on you arm stand up. check this mash-up on "an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum" and "chuch" from the recent show in frisco... (phew. deep breath)


  1. brother o was going to email you this when i saw it. the sound just keeps evolving . the deep "whoosh" sound dropping kills me. i dont know whats up with blogger but it keeps playing swerve every time im on the main page so its hard to hear the other music you put up. peace


  2. wsup sleep. yes!!!! it's evolving. .. the new productions are already a new style from most of the first 2 eps. that music comes from the audio interview a couple of posts down. just pause it. i dont wanna take it down but cant disable it either.......