Sunday, February 26, 2012

fantabulous new interview by chal ravens

great new interview by chal ravens

big movements from below by chal ravens for loud & quiet magazine

it's amazing to think of that lyric "there's bout to be big movements from below" which was recorded before the shit hit the sand in tunisia, sparking the arab spring. also: "how you are is gonna dictate where you go" that's gold. think on it, brother. we keep thinking about where we want to be instead of who we are when that'll manifest where we end up!

props to ravens for the phrase "cryptically spiritual aesthetic" which hits the bullseye. check out some more of her startlingly prescient words at her home helium raven.


  1. Hey -- can you email matsononmusic at gmail? I want to ask you a blog-related question. Thx -A

  2. no news in forever. its time like this i wish ish had a twitter lol.
    their probably working on something to drop for the summer. i need some new shabazz palaces

  3. where you been man?
    shabazz did a new remix,
    ish had a new interview
    and they released a new song!!!! its called BAD and its so good!

  4. sorry i've been off the deck people... back now.

    @ arsalan
    thanx bro, i will post up links to all those things u said. btw, "bad" isn't a new song... it's a reworking of "100 sph" from "the seven new", of the 2009 debut EPs. it's the juice tho isn't it