Thursday, March 3, 2011

Noir Night Ship - reviews

'Shabazz Palaces and TheeSatisfaction's show at Neumos two weeks ago. A very cool, very black evening. I've never heard of a show like this before but nothing surprises me any more when it comes to freshness from The Source which is definitely what SP and TheeSat are connected to. As well as playing their music they made a chat show where Ish was this corny host and interviewed the ladies of TheeSat. It made me laugh reading that he asked "So... psychedelic space rap. How did you come up with that?" The pastiche of the clueless journalist armed with his abstract labels which he sticks on to the art at arm's length, not needing to get into the messy business of interacting with. Imagine if you made some music and then every time for the next twenty years that you came out with new stuff, you had to listen to the words "jazz rap" or "boho hip hop"?! Now as the wiser veteran, it's like he's baptising his spiritual children into the freakish world of the music industry. It's just too cool to comprehend. Anyway:
Trent Moorman penned a compact but artistic paragraph for The Stranger's music blog called "Line Out".

Joe Gustav from Seattle Show Gal website wrote a nice piece with an oddly cynical aftertaste

The excellent Eric Grandy from Seattle Weekly hits the spot again with his review, which concludes rightly that "they're only just warming up..."!

The Stranger's Line Out music blog also had Jason Baxter on the case, and his write up is also worthy of your attention.

Proving that there were very few non-journos in the crowd, Mike Ramos of the wonderfully named ruminated on the night, saying much the same as everyone else: it was astounding, next-level shit.

Finally, LB of Seattle Subsonic gives us another rave review, highlighting the contribution of TheeSat
LB says the answer to a question about why Palaces is pluralised was laughed off on the night but in Lazaro's exclusive message to the Ishmaelites Weblog, he gives the lowdown on the band's name.

Photo galleries come courtesy of Alex Crick and Lucas Anderson.
The wicker chair is a reference to a famous Black Panther photo, which is another thing I've learned from all this Seattle music press I'm imbibing recently (good- introduced me to loads of good music)

And finally, check out Thee Satisfaction's amazing blog Black Weirdo for around twenty different promo posters they made for the event, one of which is this:

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