Friday, February 18, 2011

Music for the Weekend

Here at Ishmaelites we post a song every week or so that fans of Shabazz might dig. The only thing they have in common is a marked originality, or startlingness. Sometimes they're even vintage Digable performances. This week we hip you to Claire Boucher aka Grimes, a 22-year old artist from Halifax, Canada. Despite making music for only 4 years this lady has something special. A Shabazz connection is that Grimes sounds like she's a Cocteau Twins fan. I remember coming across an old issue 1991 of Rolling Stone when I was like 16 and it had a sidebar on up and coming college bands. Sure enough there was Digable Planets (v.1) there. It said that Butterfly was "a fan of the ethereal Cocteau Twins", and that his group had "just signed a publishing deal". Being a true fan(atic) I immediately went out and bought The Pink Opaque... almost the first non-hiphop album I'd ever purchased. 'my little mind was blown' to say the least, and I became a committed Cocteau connoisseur. Anyway if you find Grimes as nice as I do, there's also a nice mini-documentary on her by Emily Kai Bock called Human Heart, which gives a nice glimpse into her world. So check out Grimes and let's hope she gets her publishing deal soon...

Grimes - Devon (unsigned, 2010)

If you have some nice songs you think could feature on the weekly music post, let me know by commenting below. PS I know we said the next update would be the new Shabazz track, but we'll give you that next time. Promise.

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