Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Portrait of Seattle

The photo above is by Kyle Johnson for his Portraits of Seattle project. The other photo (Lazaro solo) is featured here along with a great little (and I mean little) interview by Andrew Matson at the bottom of the page.

In other news, former Cherrywine guitarist Bubba Jones has recently posted the following on his website:

The new Shabazz is Erik Blood certified "in the can." Are we up for another Grammy?!!!!!!!

You know, though seems we've been awaiting the new songs for so long, when they hit us we will in no wise be prepared. Excitement. I miss it, that feeling of looking forward to a new release...Ish said in the Cherrywine days that excitement is anticipation with certainty. Now there are very few releases that get me excited. A new Shabazz Palaces record? My feelings are thankfulness, with the knowledge that we don't fully deserve such a blessing. Knowing I'll be revived. A good time to reread my main man Yoshi's ode to Shabazz.

And top-left coasters don't forget: SP @ Neumos, Thursday 17.2.11

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  1. Yo, It's Bubba Jones. Can't tell you where I am, but I can say this, "Your Blog is a blessing we don't fully deserve! Your wonderful as is your site and know that we are with you on the real! And know this too, Eric Blood is next on the release wagon. Keep your head up when you dribble...... and make the assist!

    Bubba Jones