Friday, May 24, 2013


i have to be honest. this didn't make much of an impression on me the first couple of times i heard it... *much*... yep it was just too much. i wasn't even bothered to post it. then i left it for a few days and gave it another listen, and another, and another, and now it's almost the only thing in my earphones. update: i think it's the best thing ish has done in years... i just don't know wtf to say... all that is clear is that this man has surrendered his soul to music to such a degree that he's been given access to sonic feelings that vibrate at absurdly high spiritual frequencies. the fact this music exists calls into question everything we know about what is real and or possible. earthling colleagues

listen to that snare 'drum' ... ahhh!!!!

order the animal collective remix ep on wax. this song is one of 4 and another is by gang gang dance. cop it here.


  1. the same thing happened to me, i started liking it more and more.

    I'm trying to find lyrics to this, it's crazy. what do you guys think he's talking about? it's never too clear or linear.
    "I leave my belongings when I'm at home"?

  2. true true. his lyrics have been abstract from the start but this is the most out-there shit i've heard yet. considering the fact i still get new lyrics almost every time i listen to one of his old records from 20 years ago, i don't think we can expect to understand everything from this one. but i'll try and have a stab at a transcription...

    also i think that the way he writes is to collect a line or two each time it occurs to him and then write it in a book or record it on his phone. so that's another 'reason' that the ideas seem so fragmentary, unexpected, and puzzling. i've come to love puzzles tho

    "in the modern age, every line's a cliffhanger"

  3. Hello dude, it's been a while. I used you as a source once again recently:

    Also, I have some info to share ...

    You may have probably heard, but Digable's 'Blowout Comb' was re-released via Light In The Attic Records:

    Plus, are you familiar with Kingdom Crumbs, they're Shabazz Palaces affiliates. They have a self-titled album that was released last year featuring Ish on the opening track "Evoking Spirits:

    Thanks again for keeping this blog up & running, it keeps me updated.

  4. thanks for your thanks!

    yea i already ordered my blowout comb reissue. i didn't post it on the blog because i wanted to maximise my chance of being on of the forst 150 ordrs so i could get the limited white wax vinyl. hahahahaaa but actually fuck white wax! why wouldn't they choose a more apt colour... they did in fact have a nice marbled lavender edition but that's only for the label's subscribers. ebay...

    as for the kingdom crumbs song, thanks for hipping me to their music, but are you sure that's ish on the first track? sounds a lot like him but not really him


    1. Yes, Live For The Funk premiered it and mentioned him, I was skeptical about for a few months until I read this:

      Oh, and more Shabazz news. Ish is taking over the blog Gorilla vs. Bear this week:

  5. wow thanks for the gvb news... that was awesome. i lov ethat he and buckshot were working at a record shop in nyc before they got signed.

    but as for the kingdom crumbs song, i can tell you it definitely isn't ish. someone out there is incredibly influenced by his style but that is not him on that track. i can immediately understand everything that dude is saying. plus it's not his voice. i think 'gave them his blessing' means just that he's cool with em