Wednesday, October 10, 2012

new video interview

thanks to longhorn hiphop from texas. great insights await >


  1. I used you as a source, I just wanted to notify you. Thanks for keeping up to date with Shabazz Palaces, I visit this site avidly. -

  2. hey thanx le'shawn. nice to meet u. i'm contemplating a post about the phrase 'black up'. what does it mean to u?

    i've bookmarked ur site and look forward to being hipped to new sounds. when i join tumblr i can 'follow' u =.D


    only the answers are in english, but you can assume the questions from the answers...kind of.
    but the new album should be out early next year. they said it should be finished either this month or next month.

  4. thanx arsalan! i doubt well see it before summer at the earliest though... =o(