Saturday, December 17, 2011

NEW TRACK... for most of u anyway

thanx to stacia, a devoted ishmaelite, for going down to the cellar and tracking down this vintage bottle of cherrywine. she recorded it off the video, then i boosted the gain. like she said "the quality sux, but it's ish."

this song came at the end of the movie "planet brooklyn" (formerly known as "men without jobs") and was made towards the end of the cherrywine era, like '06 or so. speaking with ish in '05 he let me know that he had finished recording the 2nd cherrywine LP which was going to be called little epic. he described it as "real minimal". i'll stick my neck out and say that this song was meant to be on that album. so that's 2 albums that ish has recorded but which never got released. fuck! but i'll also venture that some of that material made it onto shabazz palaces. i'm thinking in particular about "a mess, the booth soaks in palatial musk" which is definitely "real minimal".

anyway, this one's also notable for the fact u can make out (almost) all his lyrics straight away. turn ^ the volume


  1. lol this movie was randomly on t.v. this morning. it was called men with no jobs. It seemed like ish was sort of re living his digable planets years when he dropped out of school and moved to nyc to make music

  2. ha ha it's a good film isn't it? but i doubt the real ish was anything like the one in the film as far as sitting around watching tv, making excuses, and talking (but not doing) music. that whole myth needs be exploded. it's interesting. so many say they want it but who really wants it goes for it hard, like their life depends on it.

  3. Just saw the movie (literally. the credits are rolling on the TV in front of me), and had to find the song.

    Thanks for putting this up. Any idea if/when there'll be a release, or a high quality mp3? Fingers crossed!

    I also just discovered cherrywine because of this post. thanks again!

  4. What's the name of this song

  5. @Anonymous (January)

    I doubt there will be a proper release until such time as people realise that Cherrywine's Bright Black was one of the best releases of the decade, and an entirely enticingly new direction for modern music.

    @Anonymous (April)

    It doesn't have a name, so you can think of one =.)

  6. does anyone have a DL link PLEASE

    1. just use audio hijack. but obv the quality will be unimpressive