Friday, November 11, 2011

lost in thought ~*~\_/*\_/~*~ divine styler

check out this from one of the masters of electronic emotion john tejada, who i got into through the one and only divine styler

talking of divine, here's a nice episode of stocktown that sheds some light on what he's doing post-wordpower 2. damn - that album came out in 99! when are we going to hear some new shit from DS??! it's cool how he, like lazaro, has no time for the hip hop 'purist' backpacker brainswashed midstate. to me ish and divine styler are the essence of hip hop, flowing like water over and past the heavy stones. wow - imagine a collaboration ep or suchlike. now that would be immense. fast forward to 19:15 if you want to get straight to styler.

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