Friday, October 28, 2011

soaked in sex n bathed in light

lazaro surprises the fans at the sbtrkt show last night in seattle to sprinkle some shabazz flavour on the place for the last song "wildflower". wow... imagine being in the seattle crowd and getting a surprise like that, that's beautiful


  1. Really like your work and passion for Shabazz Palaces, They are more than music it's philosophy.
    Love everything about these guys and I refreshing your blog every single day... Like your post lyrics thought on "echo of the hosts...", (I think you got some mistakes in lyrics I can send you my version of lyrics) but still your interpretation of this song is awesome want more posts like that, more lyrics... peace bro

  2. hey thanx pavel, i appreciate the kind words and encouragement. where are u calling from? the posts like that one you mentioned are all available under the 'thoughts' label. my recent one was about the belhaven meridian video. they take longer to produce and recently i've been questioning the whole idea of trying to 'interpret' this art. it's interesting. but yes please send me your revisions for the lyrics of 'an echo' (post them as comments to that post pleeze) peace bruder o

  3. Hehe really nice, I found it (with your little help) lyrics on "Barksdale Corners" is on point...

    And here is lyrics on echo maybe it could help you BUt I am pretty sure that I have a few mistakes too


    Pin-ups in a shady promise
    All that diamond dust,
    Blowin’ up your hopes?
    Flamboyant obstacles, or deals made to cope?
    Embroidered truths
    Shouts at all these soft niggas,
    Ideas in recline
    Rise of the lost
    Yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah
    No, yeah
    Yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah

    [first verse]

    Here we stand
    Slaves to networks’ master plans
    Swag’s the brand, dope in can
    Chains off, still y’all never ran.
    I brag, I boast, I kill, I coast, I toast to cake and crime
    Doing the most a stronger dose to king at leisure time
    So, your grace of mind
    Dope is laced, fantasticized
    Gang signs point to hang them high
    Who, swindle? Oh yeah, that’s my guide
    The forecast heat with chance to blast
    Hustle dough sure don’t seem fast
    My kiss, my list, my dreams, my stash
    These certain things need not be asked

    [second verse]

    And you.
    You think I’m selfish ,exist only to wish on stars
    Lay in wait n’ cut the bars down then go ice the guards
    Touch the hood and go kiss granny catch a box of food
    Play that blade and feel that sunlight till you’re in the mood

    But who do you think you are?
    Who do you think you are?
    Who do you think you are?
    Who do you think who you are?
    Who do you think who you are?

  4. and if you are mean with "where are you calling from" where I am from ..... than I am from Czech Republic

  5. cool. i was in prague a couple of years ago. there's a nice afghan resturant there.. "ariana" i think it's name is... let's continue this section and pls repost your lyrics above below the "echo" post, so i can compare it to my lyrics. thanx man

  6. sorry, i mean let's continue this *conversation* in the comments section of the "echo" post.