Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pitchfork redeem themselves and O extrapolates a mixtape from Palaceer Lazaro of eleven years ago.

(Above art by Dumb Eyes. The Arabic Writing is the name of Shabazz Palaces first EP which everyone thinks is self-titled. But actually it's Eagles Soar, Oil Flows which is what the Arabic words mean.)

I hereby forgive pitchfork approximately 5 years of their prior transgressions due to their new piece on Ish's musical faves. They have this series called "5, 10, 15, 20" where they get an artist to talk about what they were listening to at 5 yearly intervals up to the present. You can read the article by clicking:

5-10-15-20: Shabazz Palaces (Pitchfork)

But don't click it yet. I just want to say that this piece was stupendous and tremendous. It also reminded me of all the good music I've been introduced to through Ish. So I checked out our old email exchange from 2000 where we talked serious shop for a few letters, exchanging our current musical input. Here's a list of all his mentions interspersed with some links to the music concerned. OK so now you can go and read the Pitchfork piece.

* * *

Good eh? Shows the wisdom in controlling your child's TV watching time. OK now check out more of what the Palaceer was digging aged 30, having just recorded The Ten Commercial (aka Ishmael Since 1999).

Duke Ellington - Sentimental Mood

Sun Ra - We Travel the Spaceways LP, Nubians of Plutonia LP (he also recommended the biography by Szwed, which I subsequently read. Very inspiring to see Sun Ra's singular vision and unrelenting dedication to his music despite being too far ahead of his time for most people to get it.)

Sly and the Family Stone - Small Talk LP (he was digging Freddie Stone's guitar playing)

Curtis Mayfield - Live! at the Bitter End LP (said how Jimi and Bob were both influenced by him)

Bob Marley - Bad Card, Zimbabwe

Wayne/wendy Carlos's - Score to Clockwork Orange LP

Bjork - Homogenic LP (especially "unravel", "all is full of love", "hunter")

Blur - Blur LP (for tracks "death of a party", "strange news from another star", "essex dogs)
Blur - 13 LP (especially track: Trimm Tab, mentioned their great drummer)

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