Monday, May 30, 2011

Songs of the Universal Week

This week's sounds come from an as yet-unsigned, spectral presence in music over the past few years. The artist calling himself "Y. Misdaq aka Yoshi" has released some startlingly original LPs over the past few years, not to mention a hilarious and touching novel and some fresh short films including this classic. He even went to Libya recently in his guise a videographer for Democracy Now! and sent back two choice reports on the Libyan resistance's shoestring media effort and the plight of African & South Asian migrant workers stuck at the borders unable to escape respectively. It's safe to say that due by mixing of his sensitive artistic style with factual reportage, he's created a whole new style of his own as the reports illustrate. He's also the guest Ishmaelite who reviewed the Shabazz Palaces NYC gig above. His new LP is entitled Maghreb Isha and Space and sounds like nothing else out there. Below is his self-produced video for the first single, and also a link to a 3 part piece (Dream Suite) of which the last third is my favourite. It was at the Shabazz Palaces gig that he had a chance to say whatsup to Palaceer Lazaro, and give him a copy of his new album. Ish later wrote back with the thumbs up, saying how much he was digging it.

Y.Misdaq aka Yoshi - Dawn Song (off the LP Maghreb Isha and Space, 2010, Nefisa UK)

Yoshi - Dawn Song from Nefisa UK on Vimeo.

Y.Misdaq aka Yoshi - Dream Suite: i) Toki / The Untangling ii) Song of Delicious Affirmation iii) Returning Dream about Eternity / The Stars in Space (off the LP Maghreb Isha and Space, 2010, Nefisa UK)

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