Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Freestylin all week

Dear readers, accept my apologies for the dry spell please. I flew the family nest, crossed the atlantic, and have been in various locations in the UK taking care of various things before a honeymoon in Turkey (Istanbul!)in a couple of weeks. Plus I have no laptop. And: Ramadan.

So here's a nice clip of Ish and Common freestyling at University of Washington earlier in the year. Needless to say Lazaro's style was infinitely freer with his limitless creativity. Respect to Common but performing besides the man did him no favours. Most don't know that Ish is probably one of the best straight freestylers around... no corny manic word gymanstics, no clicheed phrases, just an all-out attack from all sides. Most need to concentrate so hard on the lyrics their flow just plods along but to mess with both so effortlessly and then bring all the different life experiences, worlds and influences together so poetically. Overall you get the impression of unexpected lights, jewels, wonderment, transcendence.
This is definitely not your average freestyle couplet,

Ice look dazzlin'
Seats on the laid-back; time on javelins

Are you serious?? Too sick.

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