Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shabazz Palaces of Light Opens Its Doors

Shabazz Palaces' first proper show, in Seattle, was by all accounts something special. Eric Grandy of The Stranger newspaper has written a review here.

So overwhelmed was The Seattle Times's Andrew Matson that he has refused to write a review in his post-gig delirium.

There is also some tantalising video footage, despite the sound quality. Jason Folk Bennet has uploaded the first twelve minutes of the show here and here. A cameraman with a slightly better microphone has uploaded We All Go and Chuch; thanks notioning. Even from the poor footage the tremendousness of the night is undeniably apparent.

From the rabid praise burning up hip-hop message boards, it seems that Shabazz Palaces is continuing to manifest itself in the world, just as it was meant to.

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